Safe & Secure Climate Controlled Storage Units

Are you looking for a storage solution in Grain Valley, Missouri? Look no further than Eagle Convenient Storage! We are located at 114 SW Eagles Pkwy, Grain Valley, MO 64029, allowing us to serve Blue Springs, Oak Grove, Lake Lotawana, Buckner, Lone Jack, Bates City, and other surrounding communities east of Kansas City.
We are not just a place where you can store stuff, but a group of people you can depend on to navigate a variety of situations. When you rent an affordable, easily accessible, climate controlled self storage unit with us, you will be able to:
Find more time.
Perhaps you are moving from a different state. Or maybe you have a 2-day gap between leases. Either way, spending a short amount of money on a climate controlled unit will allow you to gradually move everything in over a month. Saving the trouble of renting a truck will make it even more worth it.
Find more space.
If you are a small business owner who needs to constantly buy more stock, our climate controlled storage units allow you to keep everything safe before making the sell. No need to walk past items in stores and not grab them just because the boxes are “too big”.
Scale up your business.
Whether you own a book business or a retail company, you can use our self storage solutions to store merchandise correctly. Use our facility as a small-scale distribution center or warehouse to grow your business!
Have peace of mind.
If you are suddenly in need of a reasonable storage rate or have no idea of any facilities in the Grain Valley area, we can help. Our friendly team will make things easier for you, offering the comfort you need during this stressful time.
Our trustworthy staff is happy to work with you on anything else you need. We not only take great pride in our business and customers, but also give back to the Grain Valley community. When you are ready to start your next move, we will set you up with a climate controlled storage unit within minutes. We are only a phone call away – talk to us and we’ll take good care of you.